The Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations (KCTFHR) commissioned Bunkhouse Media (Jeff and Susan Crowe) to produce the documentary “What Are Idaho’s True Values: This Is Who We Are.” This project was generously funded by The Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council.


Idaho’s traditional values that are the foundation of our state’s long history as a welcoming place where we live in peace and express respect for each other, have recently come under attack by radical groups. Their aggressive and negative campaign-attacks target the efforts of individuals and institutions that support critical values such as human rights by labeling them as socialism, communist doctrine, un-American, and anti-God just to name a few of the slogans being used.


This 42-minute KCTFHR documentary features testimonies from outstanding Americans and Idahoans in which they define the values that support our great democratic principles.  Many share personal experiences demonstrating how they are impacted by the negative actions of those who are disrespectful and dismissive of their human rights.


We invite you to watch this powerful documentary and share its content with others, hopefully leading to meaningful discussions.


We look forward to engaging in discussions about this documentary with all  interested parties such as college classes, the faith community, civic groups and other organizations.